Neuroplasticity And The Customised Mind

Jason Bourne, super spies, shape shifting, Kung fu, the five animal styles, and ‘the role of being role less, to be able to roll with everything’

Singularity is the ultimate state.

There are tens to the billions of cells in the brain.
Mind is a product of the configuration of the brain.
Mind effects reality.
By changing the settings, configuration of the brain, changes mind.

The changed mind effects the reality and changes reality

-Joe Dispenza, Evolve your brain-
So if there are billions or trillions of cells in your brain, then the combinations, of configurations, of brain settings that produce ones mind are infinite.

Ever heard the old cliche’ that the average person only uses 10% of their brain?

We’ll that’s not completely true, studies have shown that the brain is working all the time even when we sleep. In fact we haven’t even worked out what the brain is doing in those times especially in deep sleep and altered states of consciousness. What we think we know is that, who we think we are, our personality, our story, operates from a piece of real estate in the brain called the neo-cortex. It’s the latest addition to our brain and its quite large. However our whole perception of the world, of what we think is the real world and everything in it, only adds up to a small percentage about the size of a needle point within the neo-cortex. That area we call a neuro-net, a cluster of brain cells forming a group of connections that we associate with, that some might call an entity, an identified entity, an identity.

But this isn’t who you are, it’s only a small network which we are familiar with that makes up the configuration of your mind.

With this concept in mind, one can now begin to transcend the illusion of a fixed identity, moving into a conscious awareness that the brain and its connection are changeable. More over one can have one or more or several identities for a verity of purposes.

We’ve all experienced this at one time or another, taking on different roles with different people at different times.

In Buddhist traditions and using Buddha as an example, its called dependant arising. One can be a man, a son, a husband, a father, a spiritual leader. All depending on the people, places, times and events he finds himself in. He is all of them and none of them.

Scan the Internet long enough and we can find that during the Cold War at least, and much earlier. We can see examples of moving between identities and personalities, one of the best examples was in the “Jason Bourne” films. I won’t explain the story because I would expect it to be a requirement to arrive at reading this now. In any case we see the character “Jason” take on multiple identities. The question that begs is. is Jason the identity that possesses all of those amazing skills or does each identity have its own specialised skills set.

During the Cold War and in times much earlier, conspiracy theorists have alluded to mind control experiments and behaviour modification to create the perfect soldier. The stories go that the initial personality of the candidate is shattered and the handler or programmer creates a new identity with one of these shards. The mind control techniques discussed here are of the extreme dark side of the principle I’m attempting to convey. In this case of the perfect soldier the candidate is brain washed, their identity put to one side and through torture, drug induced states and of course the tool kit and instructional programming is inserted without the knowledge of the original identity.

In the story of Project Superman Andy Pero an allegedly mind controlled super soldier was carrying out missions for secret government black ops type organisations without the knowledge of his original identity. The story goes that he is one of many agents around the world run by agencies with unlimited funding that becomes activated through key/ trigger words to carry out assassinations. Courier drops, pickups and body guarding duties. It goes on to say that after years of service and countless missions he was retired to make way for the new batch. However the mind after years of trauma began leaking memories that had been suppressed and began to cross over into the main identity recalling his other life.

Other stories of the Manchurian Candidate scared audiences who were able to grasp the concept and I’m sure left some wondering where their missing time really went.

This is one extreme in the whole spectrum but one worth knowing about. Although the methods in these stories are terrifying and the uses of these skills horrible. They are nonetheless examples of how far one can take them. For good or for ill, persuasion, hypnosis, influence guided meditation, NLP and in extremes mind control, is the unseen power that we are a subjected to, and subject others to.

To think that you are not being influenced on a moment to moment basis is ignorance. The only way to avoid this is to become aware of this and to master it. It is a key in mastering other skills anyway and is a master key, for self mastery.

The point about taking on a new personality is important here. Super soldiers and spies aside, we now look to Kung fu and then to the Native American Indians, but more on that later. They are recognised as shape shifters taking in the identity of animals for Martial Arts ritual purposes and spiritual practices.

In the days of the Shaolin Temple, monks learned to mimic animal movements to keeps their bodies in balance with spiritual practices and meditation. Later it was noticed that through further study a combative approach was developed that ensured the safety of the temple from bandits looters and warlords. The Shaolin monks were a highly respected fighting force and became funded by the emperor to train his army. Stories depict a royal member being kidnaped by a rival faction. The monks were asked to assist in getting him back and the head abbot sent only a hand full of warrior monks to retrieve the dignitary. They went in to a fortified heavily guarded palace one night and came out the same night with the member of the royal family. They went in under stealth, dealt with only the guards they needed to and all returned. The average age of the warrior monks was 16.

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