Intuitive movement

To move without limits or boundaries.

In order to have a greater range of movement we need to reduce our boundaries and limits. Now we may first think that we need to stretch, strengthen and condition our body, and yes we do. But the body follows the mind and is only allowed to move within the constructs and frames of the mind.

Conventional movements today are systemised and dogmatised. By default, due to the cultural operating system we are all plugged into , our movements are restricted by the frames of mind we live from. Political views, religious views, beliefs, values and other frames and systems of thought. If you think you’re free from all this, then the next time you are surprised and unconsciously exclaim “oh my God” “Jesus!” Or “Holy shit!” Just know that even if you’re not religious, or even if you’re a Buddhist etc, then the matrix still has you and by default, will limit what you can do and think with your body and mind.

Religion as the example, is a large frame to work within and one can still live a beautiful life, but it is still a frame. Just as our society, our culture is a huge frame, but still just a frame.

Move your own way.

After seeing the above frames, borders and boundaries and accepting them for what they are, containers, dreamed up for good or for ill. It begs the question.

What’s outside? What is outside the boundary? What is beyond the edge?

Move freely beyond dualism

Our cultural operating system is based within a consciousness level that is dual. On this frequency of reality, 3-Dimensions, everything at first appears to be separated and has an opposite. But on closer examination, or should I say on further away examination, one can see that these two seemingly opposites are actually two sides of the same coin.

Move without meaning or expectation

From an observer of unity we can see that the act of placing meaning on something is a device to measure, value, rate importance and categorise “things” that appear separate from ‘the one’. These all aid predict a future outcome which is an important and elegant device, to keep the body safe from harm, whether rational or irrational. This is based in a survival mindset and resides in the lower 3 dimensions of consciousness. With it comes default meanings and expectations which can act as governors to how we move through life.

Move without ambition

Coming once again from a place of unity where all is one manifestation in the mind. We see ambition as a construct that is designed to gain support for a particular idea, one that is rooted in duality, separateness and ultimately lack. From a unity observer, ambition, goals, achievement is futile because one has already arrived at completion.

Therefore there is nothing to drive for. You don’t need to work towards some goal in the future because from oneness you have already arrived, you are the journey and the destination simultaneously.

Move to move, for the sake of movement

From here moving intuitively becomes joyful because there is nothing left to do but move, for movements sake. This is where honest expression of the self, or god within, the universe or the unified field, what ever your preferred label, becomes manifest and can be seen, felt and experienced. We have all seen this many times. Whether it be elite athletes, children playing, performers captivating us or in the leaving behind of art in the form of paintings, sculptures, writing, or film, to name a few expressions.

When we observe this we feel it deep within ourselves. It is why people pay large sums for art and as a culture we spend huge amounts on entertainment and activities. Why sporting heroes are revered and worshipped and why we all love art in some way at some level. We all live for that connection back to the source of what we are, to live and to move intuitively through life. We recognise it in an instant when we see it and experience it. We need no explanation or proof, it stirs in us imagination, creativity and inspiration.

And we know it with out needing to understand, we just know intuitively.

Moving from the fourth centre

In the traditional chakra system there are 7 major centres, vortices or more accurately, there are 7 centres.

Each centre is associated with a level of consciousness or band width and represents a frequency or dimension of energy and opens and closes to govern energy coming in and going out of the bioenergetic system. For energy to be grounded in the 3rd dimension it must split into two, a positive and negative, yin and yang, right and wrong, here and there, light and dark-polar opposites. These opposites are perceived from the lower 3 centres, the root, sacral and solar plexus. Once the 4th centre has been engaged, the heart centre, a unity consciousness can be perceived and opposites in the mind can dissolve. The heart acts as the centre point between dual consciousness and unity consciousness. It has also been termed ‘the bridge’. From here opposites can begin to be known as two sides of the same coin and flow naturally begins to engage.

Move outside of space and time

Time is a mental construct. Einstein said time is relative. We’ve all had those moments where time seemed to stretch on in a forever moment of now. Maybe you were having a great time maybe you weren’t but we’ve all experienced it some time. When we move outside of space and time a feeling of stillness comes over the mind, not a stillness devoid of movement but a stillness that is not bound by space. It is not here nor there, but everywhere and nowhere at once. When in the here and now, the entire timeline is present now, and the mind can travel through time forwards and backwards, both and everywhere in between, now. Time is a mental construct and happens in the mind, now. So whether you’re imaging the past, present or future, it’s all happening, now.

Mind set for Intuitive Movement

To move intuitively might be seen as moving with the free flow of life. Unbounded by style ritual or dogma. When we move intuitively we sacrifice the need to succeed, to fail. To be seen, to be accepted, to be recognised, to be part of the pack, to be separated from it. When we move intuitively we move, for the sake of moving and we allow the truth of our selves to be expressed.

In doing this we gain a greater awareness of ourselves of our bodies of our mind and how we connect it all together.

We let go of the personality and the roles we play. We become role less to allow ourselves to role with everything.

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