Grounding life’s principles and fundamentals into physical movement

Grounding life’s principles and fundamentals into physical movement

With a background in sales marketing and promotions, from products and services like bread and milk to electronic devices, telecommunications, transport and property development. You can imagine that I’ve had to sit in on a few briefings, workshop presentations and the full on seminar or two.

I love a good story and an entertaining speaker as much as the next self improvement enthusiast. However after breaking through to success, obtaining a mega memory and unleashing my giant within. In the days that follow there was the inevitable dreaded come down and the anxiety of having something great in my mind with very little understanding of how to use it in my day to day life. I was reading testimonials of how people increased their income, got into shape and attracted their soul mates. I bought all the books and spent thousands on audios and programs, sat listening for hours and hours till my ass went numb and my brain fried.

But there was still a huge gap between what was philosophy and what was my truth. And the truth was that what I knew was just philosophy.
There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. -Morpheus, The Matrix-

Your body, your mind, the ‘bioenergetic system’ is your interface with reality, the matrix, the grid, the universal field, and you are part of it.
Realise this connection and your body will extend into the field itself.

All the knowledge in the word is useless unless applied. It’s a humbling experience when a ‘Forest Gump’ shows up in your life and is healthier, happier and more successful than you and all you have to show for your smarts is a drained bank account a stack of books, cd’s and a positive attitude that, to everyone else looks like denial, and repels everyone you know like a bad smell including your family.

I’m not saying that its all bad, but you know something’s up when the only one getting rich is the one with their, name and face on the products you keep buying. Anyway, ‘wealth’ is very different to ‘rich’ but that’s another story, for another time.

I was 30 years old, nowhere near the vision I had imagined for myself at that age and my body was a mess. I had over trained to the point of exhaustion, putting on weight fast and was mentally fatigued. It’s not until you lose your health that you realise what’s the most important thing in life.

It’s life! A quality of life.

We are all here to do what we’re all here to do -The Oracle, Matrix Revolution-

So I began to get my health back. I started by walking and breathing. There wasn’t much else I could do. I picked the simplest and most general of movements and they became my stepping stones on the way back to recovery.

I couldn’t go back into training the way PT’s put you through, because I was too broken. There was no way I was going to be pushed because I’d pushed myself more than anyone else could and I already had more than enough motivation and excitement coming out the wazoo from all those seminars.

No, I began to take a new approach, a sustainable approach. My goal was to be able to set goals and move towards them in my own time, in my own way, enjoying every step.

The other part was to ground all of this stuff I had floating around me in the ether, and to embody all this knowledge that I had invested so much in.

Invest in the skill, not the result.

Grounding your knowledge into your reality will yelled more results for you than any ideas you may have, not matter how grandiose.

The best way I’ve found, to make this happen is to embody it, because once your body knows it, chances are you’ve already integrated it and now it’s time to expand your vision enough to see, that its already manifest in your life. Albeit not in the way you expected it.
It’s about the journey, not the destination.

We all know what it’s like to feel as though we’re on track and fulfilling our life’s purpose, or at least the purpose we have chosen. Being present, in the flow, at one with the universe, in the power of now, etc, is what we all should be living for.

Movement is a key to grounding the higher frequencies into reality.

But before you can go moving objects with your mind, (at least become aware that you already are,) you really should master the boundary of your own physical body…agree? There’s plenty to do right here, inside, before we go playing with the outside.

Actually this is the best place to begin because what ever configuration you have going on, on the inside, is what’s going to show up on the outside. (As above, so below. As within, so without.)

Grounding yourself, getting an honest clear diagnostic of your programming is vital to manifesting what you want. Getting clear, or what’s termed ‘clearing your past’ is equally important. I recommend everyone do this and to do it regularly. This will ensure that one has not picked up or been uploaded with any mind viruses. Apart from blocking memory that could be pertinent to your life’s mission, other forms of harmful coding could act like a magnet to your internal compass or sabotage major threads in your personal field.

Grounding and getting clear in your bioenergetic system is likened to doing a virus and spyware scan of your computer, followed by a defrag of your hard drive. On deeper levels this could also mean clearing un useful programs, deleting others that take up processing power and run unconsciously in the background without your awareness, or the entire operating system completely, in favour for another less limiting and more compatible with your life’s purpose.

There are as many techniques of how to do this as there are many programs that will clean your computer. Meditation is probably the most well known and the least used by the western world. Most people find it difficult to sit still for more than five minutes unless they are in front of a screen downloading something into their head. This compounded with obscurity and mysticism of the proper uses of meditation in all it’s forms, renders the technique mildly effective at best. It’s like having a great anti virus piece of software on your system and cancelling the scheduled scans and automatic updates.

In my experience and in this time and stage of human development, I’ve found through years of testing and implementation that grounding meditation and the purpose of its practice into movements yields greater results, even in children of a less than acceptable level of social behavioural skill set. In fact, even in the most extreme cases of trauma and often misdiagnoses, it was proven again and again that once a clearing had taken place, improvements happened almost immediately after a ‘reboot’ (eg. Sleep).

Often reprogramming was not even necessary because the student, if only at an unconscious level had experienced enough contrast, (what they don’t want) to have created new programming and in some cases, even an entire operating system, that was sitting idle by the side until space could be made available in the conscious mind. This points to several things, one that there was never anything wrong with the students “hardware” and two that there was a higher consciousness observing the whole time. It isn’t a large jump to speculate that this consciousness, had created the circumstances to
lead the student and create the events, that would allow the clearing to take place thus making room for the higher conscious to take root.

When we can ground and clear effectively we can connect directly to this higher consciousness. It is not something that can be obtained, grasped or held on to. It’s something that flows naturally, that we already are. One only has to remove the blockages in the way to allow it to flow freely. In this context we refer to the term ‘Sacrifice’. The sacrifice is to give up all of the programming as well as the operating system of your culture (The Cultural Operating System) for the universal operating system. There are many names for this universal operating system. Religions have their specific branding on it, but for arguments sake and to make it relatable we’ll call it GOD (General Operating Device) please note that when we are talking about this from the mind of GOD. Any names or labels are arbitrary and transcend human consciousness meanings including the operating systems of religion. This mind has no limits and is not bound by time and space. To imagine, it is more like the emptiness that contains and gives rise to the concepts of time and space. For a concrete metaphor, imagine that the what we are calling the mind of GOD here, is similar to the entire World Wide Web, it’s entire information data base, all it’s connections, every piece of hardware attached to it and having unlimited access to all of it, to do anything with. No passwords necessary.

Now imagine that everything in life including you and all that you can imagine in your mind is the mind of GOD.
Trying to download all of that into your conscious mind personality is crazy and would blow your circuits. But connecting to it, accessing it and being a programmer of it now comes into acceptability. At least conceptually.

So with this mind in mind. It makes sense to keep your conscious mind as clear as possible. Knowing you can access everything, anytime, anywhere. There is no need to clutter up your system by holding onto anything. Except for maybe a few apps that connect you quickly to what you might need out there, moving through the field in the direction of your dreams. These ‘apps’ are what we refer to as principles and fundamentals or ‘General Programs’.
General Programs are abstract in nature and have multiple uses across large networks of information and specific tasks. To use another metaphor they are master keys or a lock pick set that applies to many locks. This is what we focus on in Energetic Arts. Once these principles and fundamentals are mastered the specific techniques most people are taught through the Cultural Operating System are rendered useless and can be easily bypassed.


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