Configuration of the (G.O.D)

Configuration of the (G.O.D)

Configuration of the (G.O.D)

Once access has been made to the General Operating Device you will notice that there are default settings in terms of functionality. All functions are present and have their controls and scaling options. If a control or scale is not to your liking it can be changed to any configuration that the user chooses. Alternatively the user can create their own that is customised to their preferences.

Generally people accept the default settings and then complain about effectiveness and ease of use. By not accepting the default, the user forces the G.O.D. to adapt and engage the intuitive program leading to new options for the user to accept. Much like when using a GPS to get to your destination, when the user takes a path not in line with the route, the machine will begin re routing to the users current position.

Once the preferred options have been selected, flow should be engaged and full compliance should be provided.

Resistance to instructions will collapse options limiting the sense of ease felt when moving in the direction of your goal. Remember you’re dealing with an intelligence that surpasses that, of your current personality profile. It can see all options and the causes and effects of those options in time, over time. It’s endurance is unlimited as well as it’s processing power, has no need for sleep and an in-distractible focus. In short it can think circles around you.

At times these instructions or intuitions may seem counter intuitive or more to the point, counter to conditioning. The map to your outcome may involve more players and pieces than you had anticipated for and therefore will require alternative active time lines and more or less synchronisation events.

This, from the personalities stand point can have a side effect of time distortion, feeling that things are moving too fast or too slow.

Personally when this happens I use the phrase “my timings out” although I know that all is well, I recognise the direction is correct however I feel that I am either being rushed into things or held in check waiting for flow to be restored.

When this happens its advisable to recognise that the viewing area of the current reality is limited by the personality. These situations offer great feedback for the skilled practitioner to clear and ground resistance and to expand conscious awareness and acceptance. In any case there are infinite levels and degrees to widen the bridge and connect more deeply.

I’ve personally found that the more I do this, the more time I have and less moves I need to achieve my goal. The more abstract the concept, the more precise and efficient the result.

In other words the more conscious I can become of the general programs that govern everything the easier and less work I personally do and the more I trust in the judgment and process of the (G.O.D).
When realised, the feeling of being in the now, or in the present can be accepted. Also forgiveness becomes easy because a knowing that all that has passed before for you to arrive here now in the present was all part of the planned route. This is accompanied by the understanding that in all the personalities cleverness, that it could not have seen all the angles, parts, timing and connections to engineer such a great plan to be executed so brilliantly and sublimely. This happens so subtlety and sublimely that it almost always goes unnoticed except to the highly aware.

It’s about here in the reading of this information that the personality becomes a little indignant and attempts to regain some ground. Decline the invitation to do this and just know that the separation between the personality that you think you are and the greater mind (G.O.D.) is one and the same only fragmented.

The greater mind multitasks in such a way as to allow for the illusion of separation whilst playing all other parts simultaneously. It is the mind that projects the world the personality perceives, it is the personality and the interpretation of the perception of the world by the personality. It does all this while projecting the deeper mind into the field of reality to be perceived by the personality in a feedback loop, while maintaining the veil or firewall, allowing separation and the will, to deny parts of itself.

All resistance is a by product of non acceptance.

Aligning with the mind of (G.O.D) is a double edged sword. Resistance to it will create detours and upgrades and aligning with it will allow speed and efficiency. It requires balance and focus and a sacrifice of the personalities biases and prejudices.

Sometimes this will be pleasing to the personality and at others it will not. Releasing desire can assist it achieving a state of acceptance more readily. Not placing too much emphasis on how things get done will help. I have found that focusing on the state above usually leads to the easiest way requiring the least effort and yielding the greatest result for all.

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