About Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson is a strong, confident, empowering speaker

Brett makes us confront our own behaviours, which leads us to become curious as to why we do certain things.

Brett is energetic, warm, humours, personal and honest

Keynote Speaker

Brett Anderson is an engaging keynote speaker who talks on multiple levels engaging his audience in mind and body.

Using his expansive workshop and training experience he creates engagement and empathy with each keynote.

Covering topics from Intuitive Movement to Bio energetic fluency. Brett brings to life topics that are rarely ventured into.


Talks about how damaging our behaviour can be and also how amazing we are as humans.

Brett, talks about trapped emotions, trapped feelings and how we allow this to impact us daily.

He talks about “Programming” and man made rules, and how the world programs us. He tells us how to hack the programs and create our own instead.

Brett Anderson empowers us to tap our true potential and access choice in our life.