Breathing is the key to life.

So it would make sense that the better one can breath the better ones quality of life. It sounds obvious as with most of what goes with Energetic Arts, or just like like common sense. But like the cliche goes, “Common sense isn’t that common”. If you talk to any free diver worth their weight, they’ll say that most people only breath in a limited way, only using a small percentage of their full lung capacity.

Out side of the universal life stream, the energy soup we are all part of, the essence of life, labeled piraña in some schools of thought and Chi or Ki in others. The breath is the most important, obvious and tangible fuel for the bioenergetic system. Cut that off and the mind switches frequency. Reasoning and creative thought goes out the window, lactic acid doesn’t clear, cells begin to die and the body/mind goes into panic, fight/flight/ freeze.

In other words, a lack of breathing leads to death!

During the First and Second World War is was discovered that the majority of soldiers, 80% or so lost control of body functions, i.e. bladder and bowels when confronting battle for the first time. Big guys, small guys, tough guys, gentle guys. It didn’t matter. What was discovered was that human beings have a hard wired survival mechanism that kicks in automatically when

breathing becomes erratic and the heart rate rises above a certain level. All power is diverted to escape and evade, the body drops any excess weight to aid in running away from the potential threat. (Like a smoke screen) The evacuation of the bladder and bowels is a defence mechanism to signal (olfactory) to a predator that the prey may be sick and unfit to eat. This is part of what is known as the animal brain function, it has been there since cavemen avoided being sabre-tooth’s dinner and is still there today to keep you alive.

Through testing and experimentation it was found that one could override this automatic programming by taking control of the breath, thus lowering the heart rate and keeping it below the fight/ flight/ freeze trigger response line. Further more mastery of the breath began to yield unexpected results like higher sensory brain function, ultra endurance, precognition and super anticipation beyond the five sense range. This means that the bioenergetic system was responding quicker than the five senses were consciously able to process. In other words extra sensory perception (ESP) or what’s termed psychic ability was demonstrated.

It’s suggested here, that the breath is a master key that unlocks areas of the bioenergetic system that allows phenomena outside the cultural operating system’s acceptance of what is possible.
Breath gearing.

In my own experiments with my self and other willing participants, I have noticed that everything has an energetic signature, you, me and everything in between.

It stands to reason then that when we communicate and interact with another person, object or environment, that there is a unique energetic signature for that particular communication.

Breath gearing can be related to the tempo in a musical piece 1234-2234-3234-4234 and so on.

Through out training and experimentation, it was found that each movement has a breathing pattern or code, that allows the student or master to execute the movement at optimum efficiency. Not only is the movement efficient, easy and fluid but it becomes quite enjoyable.

For example, I was asked to do a workshop in april 2013. I was teaching 11 women around the 100kg plus range, recovery through movement. Their goal was to loose weight.

I began to teach them breathing techniques and breath gearing, and taught them to use this in their basic movements, in this example boxing and running. Because they were under the false illusion that they needed to work harder than everyone fitter and thinner than they were, it became obvious to me that the timing on their breathing was way out.

The reality was that because of the greater weight they were carrying they needed to adjust the pace and depth of their breathing to feed the bioenergetic system enough oxygen to complete the task. I brought to their attention that if I was carrying the weight they were, in the form of a weight vest, like an Olympic runner may use as a resistance training tool. I would need to drop into a lower breath gear, like a truck would do when carrying a heavy load up a steep hill.

To carry the metaphor further, these ladies weren’t even using their first 2 gears. They were taking off in 3rd and going straight into 4th and 5th and their engine was in overload and stalling. This was preventing them from training for sustained periods of time, they were at a high level risk of strain and injury, and most of all they were seeing their training as a chore, not enjoying it as much as they could and were fighting an uphill battle with their motivation.

Breathing is so key and as a key gives us access to so many states that as we learn to breath through the whole spectrum we, like magic can tune into movements that were previously unavailable to us. For weeks and months later I received stories from those ladies, telling me how from changing their breathing from that one workshop, they were running longer and further than the ever had before. They were going round after round in their boxing sessions. They were happier, enjoying and their training. Surprising themselves at how easily they were getting through their training sessions and of course loosing the weight
they wanted to loose which was the reason for beginning their training in the first place.

The above story is just one of many.

In Energetic Arts training/ gleaning sessions we apply this one fundamental tool to absolutely everything we do. From basic training as above, to advanced training like in Parkour and combat gleaning sessions.

So no matter what you do or where you do it always remember to breathe, always.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.

When ever possible it’s most beneficial to breathe this way. That is because the nose acts as a filter cleaning and changing the air temperature on its way into the lungs, digesting the air for the body making it more suitable for use. It also filters energy denying emotions such as fear to enter the body. When it comes to the breath, your nose is your firewall and virus scanner.

The four basic breaths:

Relaxed breath

This breath is your default breath, the kind you have when sitting at rest. This is your base line state, an idle state or neutral state where there is very little to no resistance in the bioenergetic system. Typically this breath is done with the mouth closed and in and out throughout the nose. When you are fully recovered and relaxed you will naturally default to this breath.

Clearing breath

This breath is like the one you’d use when doing yoga, it’s a deep breath in and a long sigh release clearing away spend energy inside the bioenergetic system (body/ mind). Typically this breath is done, in through the nose and out through the mouth making a sighing sound.

Blast breath

This breath is a step up on the clearing breath and is used to blast out the spent energy in an explosive way and flood the system with clean air and new vital energy. This breath is used for rapid recovery when wanting to return to base line, neutral state, catch your breath, or calm down quickly. In other words ‘to get a hold of ones self’ Typically this breath is done, in through the nose and out through the mouth sharply and powerfully, making a Shhh! sound like a boxer may make when throwing a punch.

Burst breath

This breath is used to inject air into the bioenergetic system and feed the brain and muscles oxygen quickly while under stress, load or duress. It aids in recovery and allows the body and mind to continue with difficult tasks or situation, without stalling or shutting down. It acts as a short gear and assists greatly with endurance or explosive intense work and or movements. Typically this breath is done in through the nose and out through the mouth in rapid succession only taking in short measures of air and releasing just as fast, in quick units of time. Similar to, but not quite like an animal panting after a run.

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