Bio Energetic Languages

I’m going to show you how to pierce the veil.

I’m going to show you the mindset and the skill set to customise and design your life, from the micro detail, to the macro mainframe.

Together, we are going to show you what’s been hidden from you your whole life.

We’ll go into the source of the confusion.

The source of the vagueness, the source of your fear And then, we’ll reveal what’s behind it, what’s beyond it.

What I’ve learned on my journey and what I now know, can’t be taught in a lecture style format. And it can’t be explained through just words. It has to be interactive, it has to be experienced. I have no curriculum for this, because you are the curriculum.

We’ll be going outside and engaging your body/ mind through activities, tasks, obstacles, and exercises, using what ever is already in the environment. We’ll be training with other people doing the same thing, we’ll do this in a class format, through workshops, and intensive camps. You’ll have access to private sessions with myself and assistant instructors, body maintenance and recovery sessions, techniques and tools. You will also, have at your finger tips information to give you a more solid understanding of what was covered in training, and to add to your belief system.

The benefits are infinite and all point towards a better quality of life, with much more options.

Who wants to go first?

Before we begin its only fair that you know what your in for.

Some go faster, others take longer, and some take a few steps, making their lives a little more comfortable, then give up and go no further, unable to break the magnetism and lure of ignorance. After all ignorance is bliss, or is it?

It all depends on the way you’re set up, how long you’ve been behaving that way, and the depth of impact it’s had in your reality.

On average, for the average person, from beginning to end, can take about four years to unlock the rest of the energy you’re wasting in your life, that right now, you are completely un aware of.

What’s in it for you.

What I’m talking about here is a total transformation, not just a boot camp weekend warrior, loose 30 kg, quit smoking, and double your income seminar. These are just party tricks to those who have the vision to see it.

No, I’m talking about becoming an adept and master of the self in every area of your life.

Fully customised, no compromise, all designed by you, for you, right down to the smallest detail, awake, and a lucid dreamer in the waking world.

No longer a program but being the programmer.

The byproduct of going through this process is what i call ‘Making the jump’.

The jump into a new you, a new life, and a new reality of your choosing.

This is going to put you back into the driving seat, back into your body, so you can have a new, deeper, clearer, and cleaner dialogue with yourself, to tell you where all the energy is, that you have been wasting, on things that are not important, and are a distraction to your purpose. Where all the tension is that holds you back, or keeps you stuck, why the tension is there, and on what level it originates from.

This is a process of actions that engage the body/ mind, to make you present, and keeps you from falling asleep, so that you can understand what your body is telling you, about your actions. So you can listen, to what your mind is telling you, about what is happening. What it’s telling you, and what it’s asking you, now.

Questions like: ‘Is that… really what you want to be thinking about’? And by thinking about that… in that way, what impact is it having in your reality?

More questions like:

  • What are you saying to your body/ mind?
  • How have you been treating it?
  • Do you even know?
  • Are you even conscious?
  • Who is it, that is the one, asking the questions?

A lot to think about right now I know, but it would feel excellent, if you could get two things at this point. An understanding about what your body is saying, and what your mind is broadcasting. An expansion of your awareness if you will.

So now you begin to build up an awareness platform for each jump, each task, each exercise, and for everything that you do and think, sense and feel. The Buddhists call this mindfulness, and as you gain a greater awareness in one thing, it applies, only, to everything else you think about and do.

Your focus here, is not just to build a tool kit, your focus here is to design a language, and a data set, to create any tool, for any task.
A language to engage your body/ mind, your emotions, your spirit, and so that we can all more effectively engage and connect to each other. It becomes a conscious interaction with your body/ mind.

It’s beautiful.

We need produce the right language to capture a vision. So don’t be content with just learning the alphabet, your abc’s, and to regurgitate other people’s dreams and program’s, like most other people do.
Go further with the metaphor, and learn to write, play music, make movies, tell stories, and deliver your own message, into your own reality, with your body/ mind.

This playground, where we train, is your set.

You are going to create a conscious interaction, through certain tasks and exercises. So that the unconscious things that are being sent by your body that are unknown, are now known.

Now listen.

Your body has been speaking to you your whole life, and you don’t even know its language, and you are living in it. It’s like having in your possession, a UFO, capable of travelling in any direction, at any speed, throughout all space and time, and your using it as a paper weight.

That’s crazy! Wake up!

This is why sometimes you feel separated, beside yourself, at times lost, and at others, like the walking dead, a zombie, somehow knowing that you’re missing something of great significance and importance.

People go to ‘Experts’ with PhD’s, to get them, to tell them, what their own body, is trying to tell them. These experts are just translating for you, but the problem is, that they don’t know their own language either, so how could they possibly know yours?

It’s all backwards.

You’re out there looking for something you already are.
It’s because you don’t even know your own language, to your own body that is your direct connection to the physical reality. Have you ever really asked what it is, how it works, what it can do, how to really use it. Or how about this one. What kind of mind does it take to design a body like the one you are in?

It is the greatest vehicle ever designed, it is the most advanced instrument you will ever own. And it’s operating you on autopilot, telling you when to eat, when to sleep and what to do, and who to do it with. All this goes on and on until you learn how to pilot it.

Don’t believe me? Your in control? Your in the drivers seat you say?
Answer this then, how is it, that your brain is translating these words you’re reading, into pictures in your minds eye, that relate to your specific personal experiences, your memories, and then produces feelings, that match perfectly with those images?

Did you do all that consciously or did you just realise that that’s what’s happening, after you read what I just wrote? The first step is to take control of the unconscious processes, processes like breathing. And to ask ourselves what is it that I need to be aware of?

What is my body saying to me?

And then take down the notes.

That’s what we pay attention to, that’s what’s important.
It’s not the jump, you don’t get it if you think it’s about the jump, leave, go home, go back to your autonomous world, of automatic responses to the external factors in your world while your body sends you all these signals, and you ignore everything. A program, governed by a system you know nothing about.

No, it’s more about unplugging, unlocking yourself and the wasted energy in everyday life, being conscious, awake and directing it to where you really want it to go.

So now we start to unlock you in your daily life through the body/ mind physical, by engaging the breath. The breath and breath work helps us in our daily life. It can calm us down, it can charge us up, it clears the mind, and balances the body, so we now have access to a greater view, that gives access to more choices and options.

How does this interact with ones daily life?

This is the dialogue that needs to be revealed, to be experienced. This is the beginning of becoming conscious, and of what your body/ mind is saying. This is how we construct the questions that are worthy of finding an answer. This is the first step.

We, together are going to guide you to learn, how to learn, and how to remember your own language. Again…

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