Being A Master

Ok so you’re a professional.

You’ve mastered something wether its your work, a skill, a sport, whatever. But something’s not right is it. It’s like playing that board game of life like “trivial pursuit”, you’ve got your token in one field, or two, or even three, but there are still gaps in your life. Gaps that you just haven’t work out yet, or even worked on. And although you make up all kinds of stories to justify your “OK” with not having it sorted, there are times when the downer programs come up, and the frustrations spills over, and all that positive thinking just doesn’t cut it.


I know I’m right.

How do I know, well, it’s because I too began mastering something and that something became my whole life, my comfort zone, the place where my image thrived.

But that wasn’t the total truth, you see other areas of my life were yet to begin, in atrophy, dying or in tatters. The balance was off and I felt like there was a whole world in front of me that I was missing out on, that I couldn’t perceive, that I seemed outcast from and definitely couldn’t connect to.

So one day I was fed up, I was at my wits end and I finally surrendered. I made a decision that I would begin to fill the gaps collect my tokens. No longer content with mastery in one area I set out to be master of them all. It would become the most important thing in my life.

I remember a time when I was in deep contemplation, a trance like state I noticed that most things seemed to follow patterns and that there are many patterns, patterns for all sorts of things. I could see that certain patterns in my life were reoccurring and bringing me the same results over and over again, not the results I wanted mind you.

You know people say that it’s all about hard work, but the things I was really good at weren’t hard for me, I actually enjoyed them and the things I sucked at took no effort at all to manifest. So I began wondering, I wondered what the pattern for mastery was that could be applied for everything.

One thing I noticed about anyone who’s at a level of mastery is their perceived effortlessness in what they do. It’s like they see through the Matrix and are operating on another level, another platform that mere humans can’t conceive.

If you’ve ever watched Nadia Comaneci’s perfect ten its as though your watching a dream. It’s sublime.

There is only the right amount of energy used, at the right time in the right way. She’s connected with something, a power she’s connected to that seems to use her with a perfect balance of art and technique. There is no strain, striving or struggle. The same goes for Philippe Petit in ‘Man on a Wire’ who walks a tight rope between the legendary twin towers. Its since been referred to as the artistic crime of the century.

It looks completely normal and ordinary although what they’re doing is completely extraordinary. And when you look at it, your critical brain can’t find fault. But the cherry on top is that it’s beautiful, it’s inspiring, motivating and a joy to witness, that leaves one feeling a sense of ease and peace.

When in that state it’s like you can’t do a single thing wrong and you’re not even trying. When you think about it ‘think about it’ it’s a paradox. We’re conditioned that mastery is something hard and difficult and only a select few, selected by who? ever make it to mastery.

But flip the bands and imagine for a moment that mastery is the most normal thing you can do and that everything not mastery is just the crap that’s in the way, a distraction, lies, false premises and myth. Like Morpheus in the Matrix film says. “It’s the world that been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth”.

What if mastery is not something you become but something you are?

So what now?

First understand that there is nothing wrong with you just because your not able to pick up a violin for the first time and play Mozart. Next, you should know that your brain and body has everything it needs to operate at mastery levels, in other words the hardware of your bioenergetic system works just fine.

The limitation almost always lies in the operating system and the programming of the bio energetic system.

Imagine for a moment that you are one of the billions, of the most advanced vehicles, and quantum super computers ever designed walking around on the planet living out your lives. So advanced that some beings, somewhere, from another time, who’s technology was so advanced, that all the stories, myths and legends, of gods, angles, titans, aliens and other stuff was a beautiful blend of science, magic and technology called nature. A biological technology that is self repairing, self replicating and constantly evolving that is everything, knows everything and is being everything, all now.

If you can imagine that, then we can begin to see that the main reason one is not a master of something or many things for that matter, is that the operating system and programming of the bioenergetic system does not have the capacity of this point of view. It could be said that one may be operating from a limited perspective of a personality, an ego, an entity, in essence a separateness, where by the acceptance of accessing the former point of view is denied.

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