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Neuroplasticity And The Customised Mind

Jason Bourne, super spies, shape shifting, Kung fu, the five animal styles, and ‘the role of being role less, to be able to roll with everything’ Singularity is the ultimate state. There are tens to the billions of cells in the brain. Mind is a product of the configuration of the brain. Mind effects reality. […]


The ability of a thing or object to bounce back to its original shape. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. If you want to be good at your work, then get to work on knowing your self. Who here is at the end of their rope? Good, Now let go and move up. There […]

Intuitive movement

To move without limits or boundaries. In order to have a greater range of movement we need to reduce our boundaries and limits. Now we may first think that we need to stretch, strengthen and condition our body, and yes we do. But the body follows the mind and is only allowed to move within […]

Grounding life’s principles and fundamentals into physical movement

Grounding life’s principles and fundamentals into physical movement With a background in sales marketing and promotions, from products and services like bread and milk to electronic devices, telecommunications, transport and property development. You can imagine that I’ve had to sit in on a few briefings, workshop presentations and the full on seminar or two. I […]

Configuration of the (G.O.D)

Configuration of the (G.O.D) Once access has been made to the General Operating Device you will notice that there are default settings in terms of functionality. All functions are present and have their controls and scaling options. If a control or scale is not to your liking it can be changed to any configuration that […]


Breathing is the key to life. So it would make sense that the better one can breath the better ones quality of life. It sounds obvious as with most of what goes with Energetic Arts, or just like like common sense. But like the cliche goes, “Common sense isn’t that common”. If you talk to […]

Bio Energetic Languages

I’m going to show you how to pierce the veil. I’m going to show you the mindset and the skill set to customise and design your life, from the micro detail, to the macro mainframe. Together, we are going to show you what’s been hidden from you your whole life. We’ll go into the source […]

Being A Master

Ok so you’re a professional. You’ve mastered something wether its your work, a skill, a sport, whatever. But something’s not right is it. It’s like playing that board game of life like “trivial pursuit”, you’ve got your token in one field, or two, or even three, but there are still gaps in your life. Gaps […]

Balance On The Rail Exercise

One of my favourite exercises during training, whether, solo or with a group, is balancing on the rail. It’s a challenging task, it engages so many things at once, but what I love about it, is that it’s so simple. It’s not overly impressive to look at, flashy, there really isn’t anything in it for […]