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What is Energetic Arts?

Energetic Arts is a space in which rapid learning takes place. It’s so rapid in fact that some might call it remembering what you already know, from a time long forgotten.

Energetic Arts Founder Brett Anderson explains:

Not in the small minded ego, personality, programmed sense of the word, but in the universal mind sense.

You see, just like the Internet there is an intelligent field that we are all a part of, that surrounds us, is in us and permeates everything. Some call it the universal mind, the unified field, others call it cosmic consciousness and in the ancient mystery schools of Atlantis, Egypt and other civilisations, it was termed the Akashic records.

What ever you want to call it, where ever and whenever it was labeled we all have access to it now.

However the way we’ve been traditionally learning in the past has been shown to be counter productive to learning and even damaging in some schools of thought.

That’s why taking a new approach can yield incredible benefits with ease. By moving up the scale and tapping into the core unconscious processes of how your brain and body actually works, learning becomes fun, fluid and easy.

As mastery of one skill comes, it’s obvious to see that learnings from one, will spill over into another. This exponential effect is how nature does it, and being part of nature you can do it too.

But we need to leave behind rigid learning strategies we’ve been conditioned in, and in which we have invested great amounts of energy and time. And if we can be honest with our selves, we’ll realise they just don’t produce the results we’re looking for.

The first step is to bring awareness to the unconscious processes of our brain and body and begin to get back into the driver’s seat.

So how do we do this? What is it we need to learn, re-learn or unlearn that will allow us to learn anything?

There is a simpler way where you can still live a normal life, what ever that is, give ourselves the permission to eat that piece of chocolate cake and load up on carbs every now and then.

I’ve spent years learning Martial arts and playing In-line hockey at State and National levels doing thousands of repetitions of techniques, getting every type of coloured belt in many different styles, being awarded trophies, certificates, awards and recognitions. But I  was still searching for the keys.

I don’t say this to impress you, the truth is I was exhausted. My body began to break down, burn out and those with medical degrees said I needed to stop now because after all the sprains, tears and impacts staining my body, I was on a collision course with a wheel chair. I was told that the scar tissue I sustained was reminiscent of that of a 50 year old and the misalignment of my spine was like someone who had been in multiple car crashes.

Sound familiar?

The risk to reward ratio was running into the red and the way I was going, I would never get to the levels I was aiming for, in fact I was going backwards.

There must be an easier way, I thought. A sustainable way of training, (which I love) where one could constantly and steadily progress without having to go through the setbacks of injury and unnecessary frustration.

Being injured from over training and immobile with a compressed sciatic nerve, bulged disk in my lower back and my right shoulder recovering from a dislocation sustained from playing A grade In-line hockey, let’s not even mention the tension in my muscles, I was face to face with the possibility of living out my life as crippled old man, a washed up wreck, another body on the scrap heap.

Backed into a corner, I turned to reading and researching all of those things I was really interested in that I used to tell myself I didn’t have time for. This lead me to things that were far beyond my realm of acceptance and my then current beliefs. It was the only thing I could do to stave off the emotional addiction to my over hectic, going nowhere, fast paced lifestyle that kept me from going insane.

I didn’t realise it at the time but I was addicted to the chemical hits I got from achieving, being recognised and admired by those who desired to obtain the abilities and status in the social circle I had. But my addiction was out of control and it was killing me.

Even now as I write this, looking back I feel sadness and remorse for the punishment and violence I put my mind and body through all those years.

The blessing in disguise.

My body was begging and screaming at me to stop.

Being trapped in a cocoon of self imposed stagnation I took to flight in my mind’s eye. I used the information and stories I’d read and researched to build new worlds of possibility of thought and new potentials of reality.

My guides would include Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Allan Watts, Drunvelo Malchezidek, Zacharia Zitchin, the Dali Lama, Ghandi, Bruce Lee, Richard Bandler, Bruce Lipton, Edgar Casey, Stephen Hawkins and the controversial Ramtha.

Over the next decade I devoured 100s of books, scanned 1000s of pages on the Internet, went on camps, attended seminars and had many, many teachers. I studied anatomy and physiology, quantum physics, psychology, biology and human behaviour, neurology and the brain, psychic abilities and the human potential, hypnosis, yoga, meditation, gymnastics, systema, parkour, social science, massage and natural medicine to name a few. My mental travels and explorations took me all over the universe, to different galaxies and planets, back into the past, far into the future, into the minds of scholars, masters, multidimensional levels of consciousness and awareness. Although great, interesting and totally fascinating as all this is I was still left wanting.

After coming back from all this and coming back to myself, I realised that everything I was looking for, I already was.

The problem was that no one gave me the manual, on me!

My focus had been on studying everything but me, trying desperately to mould myself into what was outside of me and what I thought others expected of me, I ticked all the boxes and was still left unsatisfied.

Instead I should have been studying what I already am. None-the-less this was my process.

After this sank in, which sounds obvious and intellectually I already had known, I began to embody it.

I began to observe my self, how I thought, how I breathed, how I moved, how I felt, how I reacted to things.

A connection with myself and my surroundings where the boundaries and borders began to rapidly dissolve and fall away leaving a simple truth.

It began with a breath.

I didn’t need to get anything done, be a certain way or strive for anything.

I didn’t need to buy stuff, get a guru or have any equipment to access it. Best of all I didn’t need anyone’s permission, approval, council, or to explain myself. I also realised that most of the things I thought I needed, I never really needed at all.

I became the expert in my own personal dialogue and the source of all my needs.

Once anchored in this space it began to spill over into every area of my life at varying degrees and unfolded in every direction all at once. Very subtly at first, then more obvious and at times outright blatantly.

I was going through a major transformation. Parts of my life completely fell apart and were torn away, while others spontaneously manifested and shot up, like Jack’s bean stalk.

The stress in my life got turned way down and the temptation to buy into the dramas of other people receded and fell away. Destructive relationships broke away from me, nurturing ones became stronger and beneficial ones just showed up. New abilities and talents began to emerge and great experiences showed up in my life out of the blue that far exceeded my dreams and expectations. All this happened with little or no effort and holding my personal boundaries became easier as the ground I was standing on became solid and fertile.

Things got easier in general the tension drained from my body and I felt the flow of life more and more. I saw the patterns and cycles of things on many different scales and on different planes.

I was processing and progressing so fast, on multiple levels, it became clear, that for every improvement I made, it improved everything else I was working with.

The cherry on top was that my body began to heal, I became stronger than ever before and in Jan 2012 I was able to train every day for 27 days straight without injury. At this time my focus was on recovery from my injuries and I had developed some amazing tools to aid in my recovery process. Tools that I know share with anyone attending classes.

In all the time in my training previously, recovery was something you did after you got injured. Now it has become a major focus and I’ve learned how to integrate this into my training, while I’m training.

As a result I can run longer than I ever have. I’m sleeping better and dreaming more lucidly. I can do more repetitions of exercises, I can train longer, more often and I have more mobility now. But best of all, all my movements are honest and much refined.

My friends began taking notice and asking me what I was doing, so I began sharing my findings with them. The results were immediate and tangible. After a short while they were off and running and having their own breakthroughs.

Over and over again I kept getting the same message from different people…

You need to teach this! So many people could benefit from what you’re doing.

A small group began to form, mainly from friends of mine who practice Parkour but also instructors from all sorts of disciplines and elite athletes who were battling injury and their own personal, limiting beliefs.

I believe that sport of any kind frees the mind. The Parkour practitioners, or Tracuers’ is where I have found the minds to be most free.

I’m not here to teach Parkour, but to teach what I know, to the freest minds.

I don’t care where they come from, what their background or even what age or level of development. I’m only interested in your ability to focus and participate.

We began to share our experiences and practices with each other. Sure there are some key things that worked for all of us in our own ways and we often start there, but what was really amazing was that once one of us ‘cracked’ the code on something and shared it with the group. The new skill, ability, method, realisation, approach, level, whatever, seemed to imprint on the field of reality and all of us had direct access to the experience.

So many things began to surface in the excitement.

We seemed to be pulling back the veil on what was possible. The compounding effect was incredible and it’s still unfolding…

Each time a new person joined the alchemical melting pot even more sprang to light.

We started to ask our selves.

‘What can we put our focus on, so that new people entering the space could quickly get a handle on things, get up and running and begin contributing to the whole in their own unique way?’

We started mapping what we were doing and the discoveries that were made, leaving a trail of bread crumbs for the newbie at ‘level zero’ to track.

The mere presence of a new dynamic in the mix gave rise to new and faster ways of doing things. Things were getting unlocked all over the place. The walls came tumbling down.

Each and every training session was new and unique from all the ones before.

No two sessions are ever the same.

It was like one big jam session every single time for the first time while retaining the learnings and experience from all the previous ones.

People were creating their own art form, of thought and movement.

They don’t come to training to learn a particular style of movement, or someone’s way of doing things, they come to learn their own style of movement, their own way of doing things and to be with others doing the same. Defining and redefining their concept of what their art is. Defining the concept of art through Energetic Arts.

It’s everyone playing the greatest instrument ever built.

The body/ mind.

What I now call the ‘Bio Energetic System’

Throughout the session we always have a Q&A and feedback time to ground and embed what was discovered during the sessions. Doing our best to record these distilled nuggets of genius uncovered or opened up by individuals and make-shift teams during the jam.

In these sessions a cornucopia of open source biological software was being created, hacked, decoded, innovated and invented right there in front of your eyes, you could see it being painted, sculpted, tried, tested, packaged and shared. People took these away, integrated them, applied and used them and found other uses for them in everyday life.

All of this knowledge gets fed back into the melting pot again, so to speak, to be refined even further in the next session, to play with, tinker and experiment with, broken down and rebuilt. Other times the Energy of who turns up on the day kicks off the direction into the unknown and we spend the whole time exploring new terrain.

In any case and often they combine, we all end the sessions feeling progressed, relaxed, centred and changed having made more known of our selves, the unknown.

If you’ve read this all the way through and if this resonates with something deep within. Then I’d like to invite you to our open training sessions. The only experience you need is the experience you already have.

Come along, be willing to share, be willing to grow, and be willing to change.

I want to meet you, I want to train and glean with you, I want you to express and contribute, I want you to participate.

Bring your art. It’s already in you.

‘Wake up and live the life you’ve always dreamed of’’


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